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In addition to giving protection for you and your loved ones by providing relief for any possible financial stress caused by an accidental event, we can structure the most cost effective solution for you, using various insurance products to achieve your well defined financial goal.

Protection of Income and Expenses


In case of an accident, your income and expenses may both be badly affected. This is particularly true for professionals who rely solely on their personal knowledge and ability for a living. Protection is thus exceptionally important. If you were unable to work for a period of time, your income will lessen or even cease altogether. However, both your family and your business expenses will not pause, compounding the pressure for you and your family.

A suitable insurance plan can not only provide income during this difficult period of time, but can also pay for your various expenses, such as mortgage repayment, rent, payroll and other expenses.

Protect Your Partners


For professionals operating under a partnership, you are not only exposed to the risk of personal accidents but also to those happened to your other partners. In the case that your partner becomes unfit for work temporarily or even permanently, your business operation may come under great stress. An insurance plan that can provide your business with cover against your expenses will be really useful in such cases.


Furthermore, you can also use the insurance claims to buyout your partner’s shares if he/she passes away accidentally, so that you can resume to normal business as soon as possible.


“If you are interested in discussing your insurance needs, please contact our professional advisers" 

Chiny Liu, Principal Adviser

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