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Our Story – WHY Reliance?

In 1991, I returned from the United Kingdom and started my career in the financial industry, as a Financial Adviser, after acquiring my master degree in Business Administration from the Oxford Polytechnic (which was subsequently renamed as The Oxford Brooks University).

In a few years, I have witnessed the rapid development of this newly established industry (at the time) in Hong Kong while also observed the turnover of many of my ex-colleagues. Chasing after higher commissions, many of them flipped from one firm to another and their clients became “Orphan Clients” (OCs) really soon. Advisers who stayed behind like me were then appointed to follow up with these OCs. However, resources allocated to customer service are limited and management was also doubtful towards the importance of after-sales services. No matter how much effort I spent to calm down (the OCs) and follow up, my feeling was that I labored hard only to little avail.

Being the wife of a barrister-at-law, I have set a certain level of criteria and expectation towards my own professionalism. Leaving clients unattended after earning commissions is unacceptable and far from my own standards. With the full support and encouragement from my husband, I decided to leave my job to set up my own financial advisory firm in early 1996. My belief is simple – I think a firm that is willing to invest into the future, cares about its clients and committed to help grow their wealth shall prevail. After more than twenty years, I can testify my belief and have witnessed our continuous developments into different areas of the financial market.


“We look forward to meeting you and your team to help you define your goals, develop your business - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet​" 

Chiny Liu, Principal Adviser

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