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Ms. Chiny Liu, Managing Director, and Principal Adviser of Reliance International Financial Planners Limited, has over twenty years of experience in the financial industry.


Chiny started her career as a business reporter specializing in banking and finance for the Hong Kong Economic Journal after graduating from the Department of Journalism in the Shue Yan College (also known as Shue Yan University from December 2006 onward) in Hong Kong. After working as a journalist for three years, Chiny pursued her studies at Oxford Polytechnic (renamed Oxford Brooks University in 1992) in the United Kingdom and acquired an MBA degree in 1991 before returning to Hong Kong.


After her return to Hong Kong in 1991, Chiny joined a British-owned financial advisory firm in April 1992. During her four years of service with the firm, Chiny was promoted from Adviser to Director and General Manager before her departure. With her legal professional partner, Chiny founded Reliance in January 1996 and has acted as the Managing Director and Principal Adviser until today.


Since 1999, Chiny has been invited by several professional medical and dental associations to discuss the incorporation of medical and dental clinics. She has also gained hands-on experience in setting up medical and dental incorporations. All these incorporated professional practices are still operating; one has even been successfully listed.


Chiny used to contribute regularly to several different newspapers, writing professional financial analyses. Her commentary has been reprinted by Ming Pao, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Express, Overseas Chinese Daily News, Sing Pao Daily News, and United Daily News.

Chiny Liu
Managing Director and Principal Adviser
Godwin Lee
Portfolio Manager

Mr. Godwin Lee is an accomplished portfolio manager with over twenty years of extensive experience in the financial asset management industry.

He began his career as a compliance officer, then transitioned to sales management, and eventually moved into asset management. As the Vice President of KGI Asia Ltd., Godwin managed accounts ranging from US$2 million to US$20 million. Employing a custom quantitative trading methodology, he increased the value of his best-performing account from US$20 million to US$52 million between 2007 and 2008, and achieved an annualized trading return of over 30% for standard discretionary accounts.

Godwin's career advanced as he assumed increasingly senior roles in the asset management industry. From 2012 to 2014, he served as a Fund Manager/Responsible Officer at VisionGain Capital, managing the VisionGain China Absolute Return Fund. He then joined BRIC Neutron Asset Management as a Portfolio Manager from 2015 to 2017, where he managed the BN GlobalActive multi-strategies hedge fund.

At BRIC Neutron, Godwin showcased his expertise in managing diverse investment strategies and products. As the Portfolio Manager of the BN GlobalActive Fund, he achieved active returns exceeding 1% per month through the use of various investment tools. Additionally, he co-managed other portfolios, contributing to the reduction of price fluctuations and hedging against volatility, with assets under management (AUM) of US$60 million.

Godwin later served as Executive Director and Portfolio Manager at NNFE International Asset Management, where he successfully set up and launched the NNFE Global Energy Fund, which achieved a net accumulated return of 31.95% despite significant corrections in crude oil prices.

Before joining Reliance, Godwin was a Portfolio Manager at Atherton Asset Management, overseeing a multi-strategies fund focused on the global IT/TMT industry. He achieved a net accumulated return of over 13% for the fund, significantly outperforming the benchmark's -7.45% decline in the same period. He utilized a custom quantitative trading system and took directional positions in various investment tools, including financial futures and equity derivatives.

Throughout his career, Godwin has demonstrated expertise in utilizing a range of investment tools, including listed equities, options, futures, and derivatives, to manage risk and generate favorable returns effectively.


“We look forward to meeting you and your team to help you define your goals, develop your business - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet​" 

Chiny Liu, Principal Adviser

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