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Investment Account


  • Investment Portfolio: No matter whether you have accumulated a certain amount of wealth or have regular income periodically, we can customize an investment plan that can cater your financial needs in the short to long term into your future. By using different types of investments, we will design for you a customized and diversified investment portfolio that may be targeting for growth, or for income, or for a mixture of the two.

  • Pension Fund: In different stages of your life, we will use different investment vehicles that can help you accumulate your wealth in the most efficient way. With financial security and freedom, you can enjoy your time when you enter the page of your life - retirement.

  • Education Fund: We believed that your financial resources can create both opportunities and the freedom of choice for your children. It is our pleasure to take up the job for you so that you can concentrate on whatever you are good at while also enjoying great and precious time with your children as they grow.

Discretionary Management Portfolio Service (DPMS)


We recognise that the best investment last year may become the worst today. There is nothing permanent except change itself in the investment world. Reliance International will not only customize a portfolio for your unique needs, fulfil your risk and investment appetite. More importantly, we will also monitor your portfolio on an on-going basis, adjust and rebalance it as required.

We put your money to work by picking the most potential investments, sometimes accumulating when they appear to be out of fashion. By always making investment decisions based on facts rather than opinion, we are able to stay against the herd for most of the time.

“If you are interested in opening an investment account, please contact our professional advisers" 

Chiny Liu, Principal Adviser

As our society evolve and progress, some become professionals by acquiring knowledge while some others make their fortune by the grabbing of opportunities. Nonetheless the ability and skills in investment and wealth management is still pivotal when it comes to the expansion of your financial base and the growth of your fortune.


For the last generation, investment and wealth management can be as simple as acquiring some properties and collecting rents. However, as the Hong Kong economy enters a maturity stage, such a simply investment strategy may no longer be a panacea for wealth management. You may find that a diversified portfolio with investments covering different geographic areas, invested in different vehicles can always render relatively stable returns, with more balanced risk.


After analyzing your financial situation, investment experience and risk profile, we will help define your own financial goals in different time horizons. Then, we will construct your portfolio using different investment vehicles. Working with you together, we will design a tailored financial plan that can suit best to your needs and those of your family.


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