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Chiny Liu, Principal Adviser

Occupational Retirement Schemes


Occupational Retirement Schemes are retirement schemes that are established in Hong Kong voluntarily, regulated by the Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance (ORSO, Chapter 426 of the Law of Hong Kong, that came into force on 15 October 1993). Being attracted by the flexibility of ORSO schemes in terms of retirement age and the vesting of employers’ contribution, many employers still favour this type of retirement plan. Some of them will use ORSO scheme to provide additional retirement benefits for their employees who are in charge of key duties, creating competitive edge for retaining the talented.


After understanding your financial status and needs, we will customize the most suitable solution for you. Within the legal and regulatory framework, we will design a plan to minimize your tax burden while maximizing your return. In order to cope with your financial needs in the long, medium and short term, we will design an investment portfolio that can balance your risk appetite with your return expectation.

Retirement Planning

A thoughtful retirement plan can not only help you build up protection for your future financially, but can also defer and/or even reduce your tax burden, taking good care of your retirement needs.


From the employer’s point of view, a wise decision in selecting a retirement scheme can also protect the employer from any possible future expenses. This is because employers in Hong Kong are allowed to use the accumulated benefits from the contributions made by the employer into a retirement fund account, to set off any long service payment or severance payment liabilities.

Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes


Mandatory provident fund schemes (Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance MPFO, Chapter 485 of the Law of Hong Kong) are mandatory retirement benefits, as implied by its name, required by law to be provided to employees by their employers. This is also the legally binding minimum retirement protection for employees.


As a MPF principal intermediary registered under the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, Reliance is able to select the most suitable MPF scheme for you. Besides, as an investment adviser registered under the Securities and Futures Commission, we are also capable of giving you on-going investment advice as well as recommendations regarding your investment fund choices.


From our past experience, a professional investment adviser can save her/his clients from unwarranted panic resulting from market volatility that may emerge from time to time. This can ensure you as an investor to take advantage of dollar cost of averaging - buying low when markets are under pressure and sentiment is doomed; selling high while everyone is comfortable but most investments are over-priced.

“If you are interested in the options that are available to you and how to plan for your retirement, please contact our professional advisers" 


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