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Wealth Management

It is not unusual to see reports concerning those who have become rich by luck, such as lottery ticket winners, were thrown back into poverty only after a short period due to their incapability in wealth management. Some have even faced with financial difficulties that are greater than before. Wealth management is indeed one kind of skills that one cannot do away with in their lives.


There is a Chinese saying that it is impossible to pass a family’s wealth down to their heirs through more than three generations. In fact, having financial literacy may be dearer than owning a fortune. While wealth can be inherited, it is important to continuously learn and update in order to grow and prosper.


With faith and loyalty, Reliance International is able to provide our clients with innovative, astute and professional recommendations. Over the past two decades, we have been growing with our clients and also walked through various financial turmoil. Our clients include professionals such as doctors and dentists, professors, chief government officials, SME entrepreneurs, and also chief executive and president of publicly listed companies. After understanding and analyzing your financial situation, needs and risk appetite, we will customize for you a suitable wealth management plan. Subsequently, we will monitor and adjust the strategy in order to adapt to your changes and also the ever changing markets. It is our goal to be your best financial partner.
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